Team Management

Team night out

Building a team is tough, what’s tougher though is bringing existing teams together.

For some time now we’ve been  planning to organise an evening out for a growing and multidisciplinary team. A team with people that had just joined as well as veterans, a team that is in the midst of defining itself. We thought hard about what to do; go carding, bowling, and wine tasting were all ideas that surfaced but quite quickly evaporated as we were looking for something that would encourage people to spend some time together and work together. So rather than just go out and spend our generous allowance on something each of us could do on our spare time, we decided, based on a great idea by Tom our head developer, to get all involved in a little city game/ pub crawl / pub quiz.

We split the team in 4 groups and while we were all enjoying the first drink of the night we explained the simple rules for the evening:

  • A taxi will pick each group up and drop them off somewhere in east London
  • Each group will receive separate clues through twitter
  • Each group will need to arrive at the destination the clue describes
  • While there they will need to take a picture and tweet it back
  • A clue will then be sent for the second destination
  • After repeating this once more, each team will receive the clue to the final destination where plenty of food and drink will await all

To be honest we were not sure how the whole evening would go and whether people would love or hate it. After all, we were asking them to work for their dinner. However, at the same time we encouraged them to work together, in some cases with people they had not had opportunities to work with before. What is more, we created a shared experience for all, one that will hopefully bring people together, create an environment that will support close collaboration and eventually great work.